Suggestions for flute/harp or violin/harp music (lever harp)

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    naomi-m on #158978

    Hello all,

    I’m an amateur harpist (I started lessons last October)

    naomi-m on #158979

    While we’re at it, any easy music for harp/piano? My friend also plays the piano. :-)

    Tacye on #158980

    Bernard Andres’ Algues are musically worth while, have no lever changes within the pieces and aren’t too tricky- they require good basic technique (with a few special effects) rather than advanced technique.

    barbara-brundage on #158981

    Becky and Ernie Brock at Arriere-Cour productions have several very nice books of flute and harp music, all arranged for lever harp.

    For a harp/piano duet, Les Pins de Charlannes by Renie is pretty, simple piece.

    Offhand I can’t think of any arrangements of the swan as a duo with lever harp (if you can do the levers in the harp part, you’re usually advanced enough not to need an arrangement). There are a few solo arrangements for lever harp (including mine, but it’s pretty tricky–the others are easier).

    paul-knoke on #158982

    You might enjoy the recently rediscovered Lorenz Sonata for harp and violin:

    The second movement is a theme and variations, so you can select the variations that match your playing level. There are very few lever changes, but the musical content is satisfying to those with a more advanced background in music.

    Have fun!

    Rachel on #158983

    Kathryn Cater has a version of Caccini’s Ave Maria available through Melody’s for lever harp and violin.

    patricia-jaeger on #158984

    Herald Music has three collections of arrangements of music in the public domain

    HBrock25 on #158985

    Look at arrangements by Ray Poole.

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