Sudden pedal click! HELP!

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    Chanah Ambuter on #220998

    Hello all,

    I was practicing today when, all of a sudden, my A-pedal started making a clicking noise. I’ve run through the following diagnostic checks:
    – Only clicks from A-flat to A-natural. A-natural to A-sharp is silent
    – Only clicks when moving the pedal sideways into the slot with moderate force. Moving the pedal up and down, or VERY gently into the slot, is silent.
    – Clicks are somewhat sporadic — sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn’t.
    – None of the other pedals are clicking

    See sound file here:

    My harp is 7 years old, and was just regulated a couple months ago.

    Can anyone help? What could have caused it to JUST start clicking out of the blue mid-practice session?


    Tacye on #221015

    Have you had a look in the base while moving the pedal to see if anything is touching?

    The click I once had in the base was solved by a technician adjusting the bit of cloth packed into the bottom of the column.

    Gretchen Cover on #221018

    What harp are you playing? If you have a harp tech you use regularly, you could send the video to the tech. My harp did this once and it turned out the spring needed to be greased.

    paul-knoke on #221037

    Sounds to me like the spring is popping in some inappropriate direction and hitting the pedal bar or stud. Lay the harp down and take a look! A technician may be needed to adjust the spring stud.

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