Style 100 Semi-grand to Concert Grand

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    Alyson Webber on #185283

    Hi, everyone!

    I am wondering if anyone knows when the L&H Style 100 went from being a semi-grand to a concert grand? I have loved all of the 100 CGs that I have played, and was not in love with the semi-grand (it didn’t fit me as well). I would love a CG, but at pre-owned price. However, most of the used ones I see are from the 70s. Sometimes the “grandness” isn’t listed by the seller, and a cut-off date would be useful.


    catherine-rogers on #185284

    Probably the quickest way to be sure is to contact Lyon & Healy. They’re usually very helpful with such info. Just ask what year the 100 was first offered as a concert grand. 😉

    Sid Humphreys on #185286

    I remember shopping for my concert grand in ’94. I really wanted a 100 but it wasn’t made with 47 strings at that time, as I recall.

    Alison on #185287

    Steve at L&H said they actually made some semi-grand 100’s up until 2007 – they are very different in spacing as well as size.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #185380

    The full-sized 100 was introduced at the Philadelphia AHS conference, which was in, 2004? as I recall.

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