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    Sherj DeSantis on #179328

    First, I wanted you to know I appreciate everything you attempt to do on this forum, so thank you for all the hard work! I can not figure out some of these features. In the past, if someone sent me a friend request, I could see it. The same with a question or notification. I don’t seem to receive them anymore, although there also haven’t been many. There was a number 1 on the small picture that represented a notification. I do get email response that someone has replied specifically to a topic, and I enjoy that feature. When I post in a private forum, Christian Harpists, my topic doesn’t show up although a topic from someone over a month ago does. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Thank you again. Sherj

    Harp Column Staff on #179583

    Hi Sherj:

    We’re looking into your issues. One thing I’ve just discovered is that a “comment” on a forum post in the activity stream is not the same as “replying” in the forum. I just made a comment to this post in the activity stream, and it’s not showing up here, so I’m posting this reply instead. I’m wondering if that’s what you’re noticing as well.

    At any rate I do see your recent post in the Christian Harpists forum, so it is showing up. Do you see it?

    Harp Column staff has just sent you a friend request. Let us know if you receive that.

    Thanks for your feedback about the website. Please keep telling us what you’d like to see or if something is not working so we are aware of it.


    Kim, from Harp Column

    Harp Column Staff on #179830

    Hi Sherj: I just received a reply to this topic from you via email but I do not see it here on the forum. Can you tell me if you deleted it?

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