Strings for Witcher harp

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    Donna Germano on #69460

    Has anyone had strings made for a 32

    mark-andersen on #69461

    Yes, Robinson Harp Shop and Vermont Strings can do them for you.

    I’ve gotten several sets from them over the years and they are excellent.

    All the best,


    Leigh Griffith on #69462

    You could also try calling Jay himself at: (207) 532-9051.


    Donna Germano on #69463

    Thanks everyone!

    HBrock25 on #69464

    The current website for Robinson’s seems to be I also have a 32 string J. Witcher, made in 1976, strung G to c and am looking for strings. You can still reach Mr. Witcher at Witcher Harps (there is no email address listed, but he does provide his telephone number). He was very helpful, and read me the string chart for my harp over the phone. Now, I just have to track down someone who has nylon in 0.029 and 0.026 diameters…

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