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    unknown-user on #167867

    Hello to everybody,my name is Eduard,and I’m beginner in harp
    studying.I would like to know if its possible to change strings on
    harp from,for example,gut to carbon or nylon.If it is Korrigan(for
    gut strings),could I change it to other type of strings? And if its
    Thank you,Eduard.

    carl-swanson on #167868

    Yes, you can change from one type of string to another.

    paul-knoke on #167869

    Hi Eduard,

    You can change nylon strings for gut, or gut for nylon, but there are
    some rules to follow. One is that types of strings should be kept
    grouped together. For example, the harp is strung with wires in the
    bass, then one or more octaves in gut, then the rest of the way up in
    nylon. There shouldn’t be types of strings mixed in: a gut string
    followed by a nylon one followed by two guts then another nylon. This
    would make the harp feel very strange when you are playing it. Another
    rule is that if you change the type of string, at least that note will
    need to have the mechanism reregulated, whether it’s a pedal or lever
    harp. Nylon and gut strings react very differently to the pressures of
    the levers or discs.

    To continue on the concerns voiced by Carl, someone once told me that
    gut strings exert 15% more tension than comparable nylon strings. I
    don’t know how or if this was scientifically substantiated. I do know
    that carbon strings are so much tighter, if you will, that you should
    change to a thinner gauge string than what would be used in gut. The
    string supplier should be able to help you with this. Of course, the
    harp will need to be regulated after being restrung in carbon.


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