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    Patti Newson on #159448

    I have purchased a 36 string Camac Melusine, which I find really bright in tone.

    barbara-low on #159449

    Gosh, most people like a bright sound coming from a Celtic harp. Plus, it will sound very bright because the harp is right next to your ear. (You could wear special musicians’ ear plugs.) Being that the Melusine was designed for nylon strings, you need to contact the Camac dealer you purchased the harp from, or Camac in France, and get their suggestion about moving to another gauge and/or material.

    Or you could sell the Melusine and find a more mellow instrument.

    barbara-brundage on #159450

    By ‘lower active’ did you mean to type ‘lower octave’? If so, the answer is no, even if you could put them up (doubtful, since the holes will be too small), because you risk damaging the harp by doing so.

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