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    Victoria Cunningham on #159085

    I am presently having an older L&H pedal harp

    jessica-wolff on #159086

    If you go far enough back, all pedal harps, even Lyon & Healy, were strung more lightly than they are today. Just how old is this harp?

    catherine-rogers on #159087

    The lower tension on older harps is easier on the hand because the player doesn’t need to pull as hard on the strings to get volume. These harps often have straight soundboards (as opposed to extended) but do not necessarily lack volume. Many have projection far beyond what you might expect. This also depends on the quality of the restoration. Many harpists say these instruments are very responsive and a delight to play.

    Dwyn . on #159088

    You wrote:

    Victoria Cunningham on #159089

    The harp I am having restored is a 1920 L&H #22. (Looks just like a 23 with on less string and is slightly smaller.) I has an extended sound board. It would not have the tension of a more modern instrument. Would this limit me in the future? Would I be able to play higher tension instruments without a great deal of difficulty?

    kathy-chanik on #159090

    Victoria, a whole lot of us own both lever and pedal harps, and so switch back and forth from heavy pedal harp tension to lower lever tension on a daily basis.

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