String Spacing on L&H 14 and 15

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    karen on #237770

    Can anyone tell me if the string spacing on a L&H 14 and/or 15 are the same as it is for the rest of their harps (85, 23, etc)?

    Also, any benefit of the 14 over the 15 or vice versa?

    Thank you.

    carl-swanson on #237776

    Spacing on a 15 should be about the same as the concert grands. A 15 is a semi-grand, but with a straight soundboard. Spacing on a 14 is probably closer together. You should take a ruler and measure, at a right angle to the strings, C to C in each of the octaves and see how it compares with other models.

    karen on #237838

    Thank you Carl! You truly are a treasure for our community—so much knowledge, history….and best of all, so willing to share. Thank you!

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