String Popping Prevention

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    lisa-green on #187787

    Hi. I’m an amateur adult still fairly new to the pedal harp. Now that summer seems to be on its way (at least for today), I can feel that string popping season is on. I am learning to recognize when a string is going to break (going out of tune, etc.).

    So, when that happens, is there any way to prevent that string from popping? Or is it just better to change the darn thing before it flips me in the eye?


    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #187822

    If the string has dents in it near the discs, or if it will not stay in tune, it’s time to replace it. Sorry; that’s all I can suggest. I always have a spare set of strings on hand, just in case a random string breaks even when it looks fine.

    emma-graham on #187831

    When they’ve got to go, they’ve got to go! I’m not sure it’s possible to prolong the life. Someone (Carl?) may have some tips about humidity, heat etc that could help stop them breaking prematurely but I too just keep a spare set and change them when they ping. On the plus side, in over 25 years, I’ve never been hit by a breaking string!

    (On a slightly different track, I seem to have two harps with an “anything you can do, I can do better” mentality. When one breaks a string, the other will also break one within a day or two. Spooky! Anyone else find this?)

    HFLINN on #188023

    Lisa, As soon as I tell you this I’m sure I will hear a string pop….but, here goes….. I am fortunate to have a harp that I can use exclusively for taking out to play gigs and when it is home it just sits packed away ready to go, until the next event, with its nice padded dust cover on….This is just to tell you that I rarely ever have a popped string on this harp…PERHAPS, by keeping it covered, this is helping to maintain the strings? Perhaps this is crazy thinking? Or perhaps inside its cozy cover is a nice stable micro-climate just perfect for strings? I do replace the strings if they start to sound “thunky” or if they have been on for a long time. Who knows really…but my other uncovered harps pop their strings with abandon and almost always in the middle of the night!

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