Strauss Duet Concertino Harp Part

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    phill-w on #61829

    Hi all – wondered if anyone’s got a copy of the harp part to this and if so whether they’d do me a massive favour and let me have a look. I’ve not played this before and am very keen to try to get a heads up on what the harp part’s like before rehearsals start. If anyone is happy to scan it to me, do message me and I’ll give you my email. If I can return the favour by scanning you something you want, be very happy to.

    Also, if anyone’s played this and has any advice, be very happy to hear from you too!!!

    I know I am asking for favours here and hope I can return them at some point

    Sylvia on #61830

    Send me your email, please.
    My email is

    martha-moor on #61831

    I have a part but can’t send it electronically (no scanner). This is a beautiful piece and worth the work — but don’t underestimate it! As I recall, the harp often functions as solo accompaniment to the clarinet or bassoon, and is not really part of the string orchestra. I did lots o’ enharmonic pedalling on the first page to make the bisbigliando section work. (I have that section marked at quarter=63.) The only other tempo I have pencilled in is at rehearsal 22, quarter=100. But tempos can vary widely with performers, so listen to a few recordings for more guidance. Strauss is tricky…be as well-prepared as you can and good luck!

    Sylvia on #61832

    Phil has not replied to me, and his email address isn’t on the forum. My Strauss is already scanned and sendable. All he has to do is contact me.

    phill-w on #61833

    Hi both – I’m so sorry, been away for a few weeks. I’m messaging you right now Sylvia! Thanks for your replies!

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