Strange things people have called your harp

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    adam-b-harris on #103225

    A Sitar. Others?

    anita-burroughs-price on #103226

    A harpsichord.

    Mark Duncan on #103227

    I sometimes work out of town, so I take my lap harp to practice. The guys I work with refer to it as “That Thing You play”

    barbara-brundage on #103228

    For me, nobody has ever called it a harpsichord, but people often call it a harpischord. If not that, then a cello, pronounced sell-o.

    Amber M on #103229

    Some guys saw me carrying the harp in its case and asked if it was a MANPAD. ;-)

    sara-l on #103230

    Flying home from a gig last week, a fellow passenger told me that my harp (in its case, strapped into a seat) looked like Gumby.

    jennifer-buehler on #103231

    French Horn.

    Sid Humphreys on #103232

    A few weeks ago, while loading up my harp in the carport, a girl stopped and asked if that was a cello.

    A few years earlier, a man asked me how long I had been playing the harpoon!

    adam-b-harris on #103233

    These are great. I am glad that rural Western Australia is not the only place where ignorance exists. I’d forgotten there is a journalist in a neighbouring town that has written about me and my harpsichord on a number of occasions. Damn I wish I had one of those.

    cc-chiu on #103234

    I was at a festival in Belgium and people were asking whether I was carrying a grand piano (I’ve got a bardic 27)… To clarify, a grand piano is a ‘vleugel’ (wing) in Dutch. And the harp in its travel case looks a little bit like a wing…

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