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    I wanted to reply to the other thread, but this ummm lovely forum wouldn’t let me post a reply, only a new thread.
    Anyway, I’m wondering if a lot of harpists are still picking up the pieces from that nightmare on the East Coast. Seems like it would have affectd a lot of our people. That could be a reason the forum isn’t very active …maybe it’s not just the disappointing format.


    Hey Sylvia — are you still having problems posting replies? Can you tell me what browser you’re using, I’m anxious to get this fixed.


    Also, I’d love further suggestions on the forum design and format. Personally I think this design is a major improvement over the old forums, especially with the addition of search, tagging, photo upload, sound clips, and so on. I know we were lacking a bunch of features at first but I feel like we’ve about made them up (and I should have the posts from the old forum loaded today with any luck). Given the new, larger font, are there other things you’d like to see changed?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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