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    unknown-user on #160836

    If you own one or have played one. Please post your comments here.

    Leigh Griffith on #160837

    Hi Ken,

    I have a Stoney End Eve (22 strings) that I bought ten years ago. I
    play in an ensemble here in northern Maine which meets weekly and plays
    three to four concerts a year. I have only broken one string in ten
    years and am just now thinking of changing some strings out because of
    loss of sound quality. My teacher (who has three harps by Jay Witcher)
    said that it had a sweet tone and great projection for its size.
    Friends who have come to our concerts say that they can hear me over
    the other harps in the group – all 12 of them! I have always liked its
    tone, myself.

    I also have a friend who has the Lorraine model (in cherry) which is
    about 20 years old. It is the first harp I ever played. It has an
    incredibly rich sound for its size (I think), although he has had to do
    repairs to the

    unknown-user on #160838

    Stoney End Eve you have sounds wonderful, that is really something Liegh. 10 years!! You really got you moneys worth of tone out of those strings. I think you are ready for a new full set of strings, unless you plan on moving up in a bigger harp in the near future. If not, 30 dollars for a new set. I saw the Sara from Stoney End web site. It had the F string that so many like yourelf have requested. Nut mot the high A. After comparing the string gauge to the Lorraine. It has a bit more string tension using a few heavier gauge strings than the Lorraine.. Which I think I would like. If you are getting that much volume out of the Eve.. Look out when you get a bigger body floor model harp.. Have you posted any mp3’s of your playing anywhere? I still not sure what I’m going to get. My eyes are all ways bigger than my wallet..
    Everyone here seems real nice. There is alot of us lurking and enjoy what everyone here has to say. As I and others enjoyed what you have to say. Look forward to hearing to what harp you may be considering to get next. Km

    jennifer-buehler on #160839

    I managed to finagle my husband into bringing me to the Stoney End shop on our vacation.

    jennifer-buehler on #160840

    I manage to talk my husband into taking me to the Stoney End shop on Vacation.

    jennifer-buehler on #160841

    Oops didn’t mean to post twice.

    unknown-user on #160842

    I can see the body of the harp aging nicely over 10 years.

    unknown-user on #160843

    Leigh, the Blevins Catrin 31 51″ h x 12″ w Range: F6 up to a.

    Leigh Griffith on #160844

    Thanks, Ken, I’ll have to check that one out! I have heard of using
    sassafras, and I think some of the harps in the UK are sycamore, but I
    haven’t heard either one in person. Most of the harps in our ensemble
    are maple student harps made by Jay Witcher which sound great, are in
    the price range and go from F to A, it is just that they are quite
    heavy (harp and case together are 35 pounds). I know that the pedal
    harpists on here are probably laughing out loud at that, but I broke my
    back as a child and just can’t lift that much.

    Tacye on #160845

    Sycamore is a variety of maple.

    Have you considered the Dusty Strings Ravenna 34?

    Audrey Nickel on #160846

    I got a chance to see a Ravenna 34 at a concert the other night (this
    one was all in black, which was quite attractive).

    unknown-user on #160847

    Tacye, the Ravenna 34 does look very nice.. The features too..

    “All the lever holes are pre-drilled, making it easy to add levers at a later date.

    Kari T on #160848

    Hi Ken,

    I have the Anne, which does have a great sound for it’s size and I also have the Briar Rose and absolutely love it. Both harps are cherry and in the brochure Stoney End sent me it said that the Briar Rose would have a mellow tone

    unknown-user on #160849

    Kari.. thanks.. How are you using both harps. Like playng out, night bedroom use etc? Which one do you find you play more.. Think it is a good ideal to have a lap and a floor model. Briar Rose, from what I was reading, it has a heaver string tension. it must really put out some bass, How the string tension feel? Ken

    Kari T on #160850

    Hi Ken,

    Well, I had the Anne first so that was what I learned on and I still like to practice

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