Stoney End or MusicMakers harp?

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    kaseymitsuri on #187856

    Hello, good day 🙂

    I’m sorry, I have saved some money and now I’m very happy as I can afford to buy a harp.

    I’m very confused, as I’m not sure which one to choose!

    I’m between the 29 string Braunwen from Stoney End (with Truitt Levers on C & F)

    Or the 33 string Voyageur from MusicMakers (with Truitt levers on C & F)

    I’m not sure, as the first I heard was the Braunwen one, and I fall in love with the sound, but the Voyageur sounds really nice and it has more strings…

    I’m not sure if anybody here has experience with these harps? Or a preference with the sound? Or some advice?

    Really, thank you very much in advance… I’m looking forward to reading your answers. I’m very confused!

    Biagio on #187858

    Hi Kasey,

    That is a nice dilemma to have! I would choose the Voyageur and specify the “performance” strings, with gut in the mid range.

    I have not played the Braunwen but most of the other Stoney Ends, I have. So I would expect it is similar quality as the others. Which is good, though I prefer Music Maker’s construction and would really want that lowest bass C.

    Several teachers like the Voyageur for their student rental Harps.


    wil-weten on #187867

    Hi Kasey, I am not personally familiar with any of the two harps you mention.

    But I am certain that I would prefer a harp like Music Maker’s going down 2 full octaves below middle C instead of a harp that only goes down 1.5 octaves below middle C.

    I do know that lots of people are very happy with their Music Maker’s Voyageur: just google or have a look in the archives of the (closed membership) Yahoo lists of Harplist or Virtual HarpCircle (yes, you may like to join these lists, especially the Virtual Harpcircle list with its many kind and helpful members).

    With the harp going down 2 full octaves below middle C you will be able to play far more harp pieces without having to apply ‘creative solutions’.

    Donna O on #187871

    I have played the 29 string Brauwen harp and it is lovely and very well made. The tone was beautiful and it would certainly be a lovely harp to own. It is also much more portable than the Voyager. However, that being said if you like the sound of the Voyager as well as the Brauwen then I would always choose the harp with more strings. When I played the Brauwen I kept reaching for bass strings that weren’t there. You would certainly have to adapt music more for the Brauwen. It really boils down to select the harp you love.

    Biagio on #187873

    Adding to Dona’s comment…in favor of the Barunwen, it seems to be designed with the “celtic” player in mind; many of the tunes from Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man and Brittany are played in the keys of G and D. Quotes since there are other Gaelic speakers – Celts – who favor other keys.


    kaseymitsuri on #187876

    Aww, thank you to all very much. It’s so wonderful to read your comments and advices. Thank you for all your help.

    I’m still thinking about it. I’ve also asked the lady who sells them, so I’m waiting for her answer too.

    It’s such a dream. Harps are so wonderful.

    janet-king on #187920

    Each harp is different, but generally I do like Musicmakers’ harps. However, if you can check out Marini Made Harps, you should. I am a HUGE fan of their harps. Alex Marini started out using Musicmakers’ blueprints, so his harps tend to be related to Musicmakers. They are superb, and reasonably priced. I own an Ultralite, which has a perfect sound, and is also very light, amazingly so. A student of mine bought an Affordable Regency, and it is wonderful. Go Marinimadeharps!

    kaseymitsuri on #187983

    Thank you so much! i’ll definitely heck Marini made harps out! 🙂
    Thank you to all! 🙂

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