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    Hi Everyone,

    I just found this on a blog. Lisa Stine from the Northern California area has had (I think) 8 harps stolen from her. Please spread the word among the community and notify the contacts on the document if you see any of these posted for sale.

    PS, I hope that link works. It’s a google doc and I’m not too familiar w/ how to use those but I copied/pasted from my browser. Let me know that you guys can view it too!



    I really hope she had them insured. I’ve always had a special hate of thieves as they don’t just steal ‘stuff’ but also time out of your life via memories and time worked to afford said ‘stuff’, not to mention a theft of your sense of security.


    How? I mean, out of her car, her house?


    I would assume out of her house?


    it’s my understanding that they were stolen from her house while she was out of town.


    Thats terrible, I always get an uneasy feeling opening my door after coming back from a vacation. I know this kind of stuff can happen anywhere and I can’t even imagine what it feels like to come home and find someone has been in your house and taken some of your most valuable and/or prized possessions. I hope they can find whomever is responsible.


    I got burglar bars a few years ago. A GIRL broke in while I was home. Her boyfriend was waiting in the car (small car, so I know they didn’t want harps). I yelled at her, and she went away. Got the tag #, but the cops never caught them. I love the bars because no one can even get in…unless they know how to pick locks, and burglars are lazy…if they wanted to work, they wouldn’t be burglars.


    Awesome! I wish I could put up something like that on my apartment. But, its an apartment, I’m renting. I live in the basement unit so I’m always scared someone will kick in my window AC. I have a lot of expensive music instruments and memorabilia but luckily I have a roommate who is here sometimes when I’m not. And the area we live in is decent. Not the nicest but it could definitely get a lot worse (especially here in Chicago). Now that you all know this, I hope no one tries to find out where I live lol.


    Also, I keep an ax next to my bed >.>

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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