Still, Still, Still arr. Normal Luboff

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    David Ice on #208051

    By chance does anybody have a harp adaptation/harp part for this choral work? I’m looking to find a separate part and not have to read off an SATB octavio score.

    David Ice

    patricia-jaeger on #208053

    Hi David,

    4/4 time, key of F Major. No up-beat. Numbers represent scale steps since I cannot yet attach a music example: this new improved desktop is very new with different habits required from what my previous one did. First note is C above middle C. Dashes are eighth beats.Names of first 5 numbers: C,F,A,C,F.

    5-8-3-5-/1—–13/2-247-72/1—-=–// Code: Slashes are bar lines. A number followed by a – is a quarter note. If followed by five—– it is a dotted quarter note.If followed by seven——- it is a whole note. in a group with no – in the group, they are eighth notes, All of the ” 7″ numbers, if written here are E’s under the key note F. It is the convention to place an underline under those 7s to indicate going down below the F that is your tonic, depicted here as the number 1 (first space in treble clef). I have not yet figured out how to underline a single number on a computer keyboard like 7, which we could do so easily on paper. For the E above middle C we would need no underline. With your superior harp performance and arranging skills I am certain you could construct a lovely harp part in any key, just from this simple formula. This formula also helps people, even when quite young, to capture quickly a melody they hear and like, on a scrap of paper and later write it down as notation on manuscript paper. Respectfully submitted.

    billooms on #208085

    I’ll send you an email with a piano/solo arrangement that might get you close.

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