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    diane-michaels on #150846

    In the latest issue of Harp Column, Jaymee Haefner mentions that some harpists soak their fingers in hot water prior to playing to improve grip.

    carl-swanson on #150847

    I’m afraid I don’t get this one at all. When I do solo recitals I dust my hands and especially my fingertips with talcum powder so that I have more precise control in releasing the string. maybe it’s because I have very fleshy fingertips, but when I’m really practicing several hours a day and building up callus it gets very difficult to release the string. I often have to sand down the ridge of callus that forms too.

    diane-michaels on #150848

    Too funny to hear the other side.

    phyllis-adams on #150849

    Oddly enough, the ONLY way I can play the harp is if I use Vaseline Intensive Care lotion at ALL times… this does tend to trash your strings faster, but otherwise this sensation I feel is like scratching my nails on a chalk blackboard…. for what it is worth. It has been this way forever for me.

    Dewy K. Harpist on #150850

    I used to rely on hot water to help warm up my hands prior to playing. However, in recent months I’ve run into a problem where my fingers are too dry and are not getting that “gripiness” you’ve described. I posted a thread here about it a couple of months ago.

    The only way I can describe it is a lack of traction, as if the string is sliding across the surface of the rounded part of the finger, rather than being gripped, and plucked. I don’t know what’s causing this. I am using Lubriderm hand lotion everyday to try to counteract this.

    I’ve always had pretty durable fingers that have never given me problems. But now, I’ve noticed that the more playing I do, the smoother my fingertips get – instead of rougher, and calloused, as you’d expect. It’s bizarre. It’s like my fingerprints are getting rubbed off.

    My sound is practically gone. Literally, in a matter of months, my fingers feel different on the strings, and I don’t sound like myself. It’s depressing.

    I’m have appointments with two different dermatologists in the next few weeks. I have no idea what could be causing this, although I’ve done a lot of reading about dry fingertips online and have discovered a few possible causes, including: insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) and/or celiac disease (inability to process gluten), Vitamin A deficiency, fungal infection, dermatitis, or eczema.

    Back to your question – in some cases, I’ve heard hot water can actually dry out your skin. But it does feel really good right before playing and helps loosen everything up. In terms of lotions, I would stick to ones that don’t feel greasy.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150851

    This is bizarre to me. Hot water makes my fingers soggy and I can’t play with soggy fingers. Or oily. I guess I can’t imagine having totally different skin. I have to sand mine once a week to keep good tone.

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