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    Laura Adams on #152190

    I’m a grade 8 standard folk harpist, currently in medical school. I really want to start playing the harp as a way of earning more money in my free time, which can hopefully fund me renting a pedal harp. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for trying to get work, how much I should charge, if there are further qualifications I should take to make it realistic that anyone would book me etc. Currently I am playing as (paid) entertainment at my medicalschool ball, and I’ve tried to be as involved as possibe with the harp, playing in amateur concerts and auditioning for free music lessons.

    I’d also like some advice on what harp to rent- I want something that I can play as a recital harp, in an amateur orchestra and is as cheap and light as possible! I’d also like to be able to play modern and romantic pieces on it, so smooth pedal action is very important.

    Thanks so much!

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