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    Sylvia on #191794

    Critique, anyone?

    balfour-knight on #191796

    Sylvia, I loved the Star Wars on harp video that you posted! I once had to play that for a wedding and “winged” it, ha, ha! This brought back many happy memories, so thanks!

    Gretchen Cover on #191801


    I would play a gliss instead of the repeated 4 chords. You may also want to use some arpeggios in both hands to make the arrangement more harp-like instead of sounding like a piano. Nice playing and thanks for sharing!

    Sylvia on #191803

    Gretchen, that is not me playing. A bride sent me that because she wanted it for her exit (Catholic wedding ceremony). I have no interest in playing the SW, and I felt it was totally inappropriate for a Catholic mass.

    I was curious if anyone had any comments on the playing. I noticed something, but I guess no one else has.

    Donna O on #191804

    Definitely not appropriate for Catholic ceremony. It looks like she is using pinky finger in right hand.

    Sylvia on #191805

    I didn’t see that. I noticed something about the sound.

    Alyson Webber on #191815

    I don’t think she’s using her pinky. I think she just holds it that way.

    This is exactly why I hope I never end up on YouTube someday. The “guess what’s wrong with it” isn’t going to result in a self-esteem boost for this young lady.

    Sylvia on #191816

    I doubt she would know I’m even referencing her, whoever she is.
    I didn’t say anything was wrong…it’s something I notice, but I guess no one else does, so she’s perfectly safe….and she got rave reviews, if you go on YouTube and find it there.

    Alyson Webber on #191817

    Ha! I bet she gets rave reviews. Have you ever noticed the number of random marriage requests on harp YouTube videos? What makes these guys think that being married to a harpist would be particularly enjoyable? Sure, if he wanted to listen to the same run over and over and over and help schlep stuff around, and listen to his wife gripe about humidity – then maybe he’d be a happy harp husband! 🙂

    Way off topic, but I think it’s funny. I’ve only gotten one proposal in person, but I bet lots of ladies here get it almost daily. Gents? Do you get proposals from women who want you to be their personal harpists for life?

    balfour-knight on #191919

    Yes, Alyson, I do! But my sweet wife says that she would let them have me for a week and then they would bring me back in a hurry, ha, ha!

    Andelin on #191923

    I like it. Not for a wedding perhaps, but to play for friends, they would all get a kick out of it.

    For a second it looked like someone turned her page with their foot. For a brief moment I imagined her turning the music with her own foot. Had to laugh about that. The hand just comes out of nowhere. It is a hand, right? Lol

    Balfour, I sure wish I could just “wing it!” That has never been easy for me, no matter the instrument. Improvising is definitely something I’d like to be better at. :). I can arrange music, but off the cuff, not so much. There is something very comforting about having sheet music in front of me. 🙂

    It’s not the first youtube harpist I’ve seen who appeared to be using the pinky. I think it just looks that way, I don’t think she actually uses it.

    I’ve never had a marriage proposal (except from my actual husband, that is). Although I mostly play in church, so not much opportunity. It might be awkward if someone from church proposed…

    Sylvia, I give up…what did you notice?

    balfour-knight on #192066

    I agree, Andelin! Sylvia, what did you notice? You can let us know privately if you do not want to post it here. Wishing all of you the best Christmas Eve–I am playing my new Dusty FH36 S (in cherry) for two church services today, so wish me luck! This harp is so beautiful, I know the congregations will love her (I named her “Cherie,” wouldn’t you know it?)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    emma-graham on #192453

    The phantom hand turning the page! Nearly spat my tea out when it appeared. She needs an iPad with a foot pedal.

    emilia on #193996

    It sounds good, but not so good for a Catholic wedding. I have some friends who used this as (I think for an exit) for a protestant wedding. Less formal, and it worked fine there.

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