Stand for iPad Pro?

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    billooms on #214469

    After reading the article in the last Harp Column magazine, I took the plunge and bought the 12.9″ iPad Pro. The question is what stand people use. For now, I just put it on my regular Manhasset stand, but I would prefer something that just holds the iPad. Some of the stands I’ve seen on Amazon fit on a mic stand. I don’t like that because my mike stands all have a round base and it’s difficult to get close to the harp. One of the earlier posts here said they used a Standzout stand which looks nice with the flexible column. However, on Amazon many people asked if it fit the larger iPad and the answers given said it did not fit.

    Any other options that people like?

    Gretchen Cover on #214530

    I am the earlier poster who use a Standzout stand. Of course the iPad Pro fits the holder or I would not have that stand. If you check the website, Standzout clearly states the stand and universal tablet holder can be used with all tablets. My major complaint is the stand pole does not readily detach from the base for moving. PS/ I wrapped bicycle handle bar tape on the stand pole to protect my harp.

    billooms on #214540

    Thanks for the reply. Sometimes the Amazon comments are not always reliable or give conflicting information.

    Thanks also for the tip on wrapping the pole.

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