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    julie-hussar on #183268

    I have come up with an inexpensive means of help with a harp on stairs.
    Using 2 RV wheel chocks and a piece of threaded rod for each step. The rod holds the chocks at the correct spacing for your harp cart. Place the chocks at the stair riser. They act as a minnie ramp to help the wheels of the cart roll up the stairs and helps going down as well eliminating the drop from step to step. Please feel free to email me for a photo if your having trouble understanding the description.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #183271

    That is a great idea, only wouldn’t you need many of them? How do you get the threaded rod? Does one come with the wheel chocks? I have several ideas for useful solutions, if someone wants to manufacture them. I have the same problems, living in a second-floor walk-up apartment. I would love for someone mechanical to contact me to manufacture some products for this common problem.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #183753

    So, here’s an idea for a flight of stairs. Get a few gym mats, the kind made of ground latex about an inch thick, and lay them down, or a lot of old quilts. Carry the harp, but know you can set it down on each step if needed, or when needed, and it won’t get damaged. That’s more or less how they moved my piano out.

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