squeaking harp shoes

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    charles-nix on #205021

    I’m looking for ideas: I am playing in a pair of dance shoes with suede soles–and it works great except that any twisting or slidind on the tops of the pedals makes a squeaking sound.

    Has anyone run into this?  I’m thinking of talc-ing the bottoms–or silicone leather treatment–or teflon spray.

    Charles Nix

    balfour-knight on #205200

    Hi, Charles,

    I practice the pedal harp in bedroom shoes, bare feet, or “whatever,” but then perform with regular leather organmaster shoes.  (Just before a performance, I DO practice a lot in the organ shoes, since they do feel a bit different, particularly the higher heels!) I have never experienced the squeaking you mention.  Have you tried the silicone spray yet?  I have used it to stop every other kind of squeaking, so it should work.

    Best wishes on solving this problem,


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