split fingers?

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    dancingpiper on #253945

    What do you all do about split/cracked finger tips in the winter? I lotion all the time and sleep with gloves after using various lotions (Gold Bond, jojoba oil, other lotions, vaseline). The only thing that really helped was the vaseline but it also made my nails a bit soft so they tore easily, even as short as they are. Are any of you able to recommend a strategy you have found successful? Thanks!!

    harpist123 on #253946

    I have dealt with this for years, as I live in Colorado @ 10,000 ft elev. The main thing is, too much softening products will make things worse. So, you need to find a “happy medium” with the use of cleaning agents (washing dishes, 409 or similar type of multipurpose cleaners), as these pull oils out of your skin. I have soft fingernails to begin with, so had the splitting problem. Then, when the split occurred, my fingertips split right where the fingernail split was. Here is how I handle it: 3 products, Elon Nail Conditioner (with Lanolin) for fingernails, which I apply no less than 3 times per day (you use hardly any of this, and can buy on Amazon), good ol’ “No Crack” unscented cream that you can buy at Duluth Trading (online or in their stores), which I use after anytime I clean or do dishes, and right before bed, and “Bag Balm” to heal a fingertip split/crack. If you already have an unhealed finger split, apply “Bag Balm” which you can get at most groceries, pharmacies, etc., and place a band-aide over it. It should heal in 2-3 days max. Finally, and probably the most important, is “file” your fingernails daily (once you have them where you want them) as this removes very little of the nail which keeps your nails from needing to be filed “below” the area which will crack because it is new skin. If you use a fingernail clipper, your nails WILL SPLIT, if they are anything like mine (soft). It took me awhile to work out this routine which definitely works. I am sure there are other products that will do the same thing, but I haven’t discovered them. The Elon Lanolin cream was recommended to me by a dermatologist when I told her about my problem. Best of luck to you! I definitely know the feeling of the tiniest split on a thumb exactly where you pluck 🙁

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    sherry-lenox on #253950

    This isn’t for the faint of heart but it works pretty well for me, and I have the worst finger skin cracks ever.

    When the crack opens, I soak the offended finger in rubbing alcohol, then glue it closed with skin glue, available in most drug stores in the First Aid section.

    Yes, it sure does hurt, but once done they heal faster, and I’d prefer the sting to long term fussing around with them.

    Good Luck!

    dancingpiper on #253976

    Thanks so much for the information!! I have ordered some of the recommended products and gluing the splits a few times a day, bearing the smell as best I can ;-). I’m hoping for the best. Thanks, again, for your kind assistance and blessings to you!!

    Sylvia on #253978

    You might try adding a couple of tablespoonsful of olive oil to your diet to help your skin.

    balfour-knight on #253997

    I always use Aloe Vera for this sort of thing. You can either keep the live plants around, or buy very pure Aloe gel from a health-food store. Hope this helps.

    Happy Holidays,

    jzydek on #254582

    I also use glue after soaking to thoroughly cleanse the split area. Then I put Second Skin on top of it — 2 coats. I also use a moisturizer called Surgeon’s Secret — the liquid in a squirt bottle. It works so well and isn’t greasy. I use it every time I wash my hands, which is a lot.


    Veronika on #254938

    I use creams that are meant for eczema sufferers instead of a regular hand cream. Here in the UK the brands are Epaderm and Cetrabene and you can buy them over the counter in pharmacies.

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