Southeastern Harp Weekend in 2007?

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    unknown-user on #111253

    Anyone know if there will be a Southeastern Harp Weekend in 2007?

    unknown-user on #111254

    If you’re talking about the one in Asheville, I actually just called to check today. Sadly, the woman I spoke to said they were no longer having that conference. It was just too much work for the person who was hosting it.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,


    unknown-user on #111255

    I actully heard on another list it is just not going on this year, they will start back up in

    Carolyn Deal on #111256

    The Southeastern Harp Weekend is going on in 2008, again in Asheville North Carolina.

    Kelly R on #111257

    Just wondering if anyone else is going to the weekend?  This will be my first “harp event” and I’m so excited.  I’ll be doing the all-day immersion with Janet Harbison.  I’m so excited, but now have to contain my excitement another 7 months!  🙂

    unknown-user on #111258

    I know I said I was goign for the entire weekend earlier in this thread but I just cant afford it… to much going on / Life you know…. I will be going up for th shopping on Saturday and I cant wait for that esp since it is the closest harp shopping t Charlotte NC….

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