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    jessica-wolff on #107855

    Well, I don’t know about clarinet, but I seem to recall sections for harp with other instruments, including vl and cl, in the catalogues of Lyon & Healy, Melody, and one another catalogue. Sounds like a nice combination.

    sherry-lenox on #107845

    in the NY/NJ area tonight at 8 pm.

    The production is breathtaking. I have seen clips of Pinza-Martin from the very early ’50’s, and this production is a hefty rival.

    I just wish I had the score to follow during the performance. It was written using the harp in place of a more typical keyboard, and the harp parts are luscious.

    If your PBS station isn’t running it tonight, watch for the performance to show up in the coming weeks. Even better, try to catch a live performance of the touring company, although I think they’re almost at the end of the run. It closes in NY on August 27.

    lisa-green on #107846

    Just finished watching it and have never heard a score with that much harp, like it was the lead instrument. Was basking in the glorious sound…all those glisses and everything else.

    Does anyone know who the harpist was? Gorgeous playing!

    carl-swanson on #107847

    The harpist is Grace Paradise

    Jerusha Amado on #107848

    Fabulous name for a harpist!

    kay-lister on #107849

    I watched it too.

    carl-swanson on #107850

    She’s been playing Broadway shows for years. Very fine harpist. And yes, an incredible name, and it’s real.

    lisa-green on #107851

    Especially for South Pacific!

    sherry-lenox on #107852

    Has anyone seen the touring company of the show? I was wondering if they were using the 30 piece orchestration. If so, who’s the harpist?

    carl-swanson on #107853

    I suspect they are going to use local musicians in each place. So the harpist will change.

    john-strand on #107854

    Apropos this post, and a previous thread remarking on the sad demise of high school type programs for the performing arts – Nick Mayo is in the chorus in this production and has been with it since it opened on Broadway – he has also been an understudy for the part of Lt. Cable – he got his start here in San Antonio at the Northeast School for Performing Arts which is a magnet school branch of the Northeast Indpendent School District – they have turned out some incredibly talented folks over the years who are successful in the entertainment business and indeed, Nick went on to graduate from Julliard –
    unfortunately with all the current school funding woes NESA has been forced to charge 5200.00 tuition per student just to keep the program going for at least another year – this naturally eliminates any number of talented students who could otherwise benefit from an opportunity such as this – on the other hand, NEISD has just built another brand new state of the art football stadium – it just seems to me that if they could do that, they could find the money to fund this fantastic arts program – but then, football is king in Texas – – – too bad for talented kids in this area – – – –

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