Sousa Band Encore Books now available online

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    From: Cross MGySgt Jane A []
    Dear colleagues,
    The Sousa Band Encore Books are now available online for
    [Notice in the Harp book the harpist was expected to transpose and create harp parts from piano copies. CFN]
    It was tradition for John Philip Sousa’s civilian band
    (1893-1932) to play two or more encores after each program selection, meaning that a program with 10 pieces on it could expand into 25. The encores
    contrasted with the preceding piece and could be popular songs or short
    classics, but most often they were Sousa’s marches, pasted into ledger-sized
    books. These 44 encore books were donated to the Marine Band by Charles Walker Hyde in 1967, and they include occasional notes from Sousa Band members and many marches in their earliest known editions. The books have helped us understand Sousa’s performance practice and instrumentation choices, which have proven invaluable as we continue to work on ‘The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa’ recording project.
    Jane Cross
    Master Gunnery Sergeant, USMC
    Chief, US Marine Band Library

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