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    Sharone Stevenson on #198248

    I have found that Calendula Lavender Salve for sore fingers is excellent. Before going to bed, rub some in and put a pair of cotton gloves on over night.

    balfour-knight on #198256

    Thanks for sharing that, Sharone!  Last year when I found and purchased my new Dusty Strings lever harp, I played her so much that I indeed did have sore fingers!  That is saying a lot for a concert pedal harpist who practices a lot, like I am used to, since I hardly ever have sore fingers!  I found that Aloe Vera gel did the trick for me, and I slathered it on from the actual plant leaf every night before going to bed.  It dries smooth and silky, giving a protective coating which also heals the blisters on your fingers.

    Have a great day!


    Sharone Stevenson on #198258

    Yes Balfour, Aloe Vera is also excellent. My reason for not using my harp as much as I used to, is that right now I am so busy composing new music for Harp Column Music that I just don’t have time. But, I am now slowly getting back to it as I miss it so much, and my fingers are letting me know. Thanks again for your reply.

    Elettaria on #198429

    I have dire circulation, I’m usually wearing fingerless gloves and two thick pairs of socks, and making sure my hands are thoroughly warm before I start playing helps.  I also find that ice packs are great when I get blisters.  I think I came back from the Edinburgh Harp Festival with seven blistered fingers, I’d been playing so much, and it sorted them all out overnight!  I’m very fond of these gel cold packs, which are excellent for injuries or pain relief too, and stay cold much longer than others I’ve tried.  Plus you can strap them on.

    I’d forgotten how good calendula salve is, thanks for reminding me.  Slightly off-topic, does anyone know anything good for stopping bleeding, apart from styptic pencils?  Blood thinners + facial moles = seriously annoying shaving cuts. (Not for me, I’m a woman.)

    Barbara on #201370

    Oh thank you guys for those tips! Another is to stay hydrated. 🙂 Happy (or harpy!) practicing!

    Marisardh on #208052

    Hi everyone! I have found that putting lavender or Neosporin on blisters works really well. I’ll then cover the blistered finger in paper tape. the paper tape is so thin that you can still practice! its much better than covering blisters with band-aids etc.

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