Solo arrangement of "There is a Redeemer"?

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    JackieHarpFan on #205173

    My daughter has been asked to play “There is a Redeemer” by Keith Green for the children at our church in a couple of weeks.  I have found a lovely duet arrangement by Bonnie Mohr that I am intending to buy and if we find another musician that will hopefully work beautifully. (We may find a pianist.)  But, just in case she can’t find someone else, does anyone know of a good solo arrangement of this song?  My daughter is at an early intermediate level, so something simple would be great.

    Thanks so much,



    charles-nix on #205186

    Not sure if this will help you–especially in two weeks–but try a piano/lead sheet version.  If you find one for early piano, you may be OK as is, or with minor edits.

    Or you can find one with simple guitar chords in a key that matches the harp tuning (if lever harp).  The song is in 4/4, with an eighth note rhythm, so she would play something like 1-3-5-8-3-8-5-8.  Or if that is too advanced for her try 1-5-8-10 or 1-3-5-8.  All of this in the left hand, and then the melody  with the right hand.

    On the long notes at the end of phrases, listen to his original, and add in some quarter note scales in parallel thirds or sixths to move to the next chord.  You’ll hear that happening in the piano in the original.

    If you’re not a musician, this might have gone right over your head.  It is a lot easier to demonstrate than to write.  Much of the early intermediate arranging uses some variation of this–but with the notes fully written out. The harmony on that song is simple enough that it is an ideal candidate.

    Will be glad to continue the conversation if needed. It might make an interesting thread for others to reference.  (Source: I play about intermediate level and arrange all the music for a weekly Episcopal church service. Along with a guitarist friend and another harpist and a flutist, we are the entire music for this evening service every week.  We work entirely from lead sheet–mostly because it would be a full time job to arrange and write out the 8-12 separate  pieces in a given service)

    balfour-knight on #205198

    Hi, Jackie,

    So glad to see your post, and I owe you an e-mail!  We are looking for a source on “There Is a Redeemer,” and will let you know if we find one.  I know the key will not be a problem for Amy, since she is playing the pedal harp.  Thanks, Charles, for your nice reply also!

    More later,


    Gretchen Cover on #205220

    If you go to, you will find an easy arrangement by Angie Bemiss. The title is “Keith Green Medley.” There are three Keith Green pieces in the medley.

    JackieHarpFan on #205221

    You-all are the best!  Seriously.

    Charles, thankfully, I do know what you are talking about.  (And I know it would be much easier to demonstrate!) 🙂 My 4 or 5 years of piano lessons have come in handy with helping my children with different things here and there as they have studied different instruments.  Also, over the last year or two Amy has been learning to play from lead sheets when she plays the keyboard for the Middle School Worship Band at our church.  She’s just starting to try the same thing on the harp so I am hoping that skill continues to grow.

    And, Balfour and Gretchen, thank you for finding that arrangement for me.  (Also, Balfour, thank you for your email! I always appreciate you sharing from your experience and your kind friendship.)

    I did ordered that medley today so I think Amy may be able to use the section with this song as a guide and do what Charles was saying to fill in for the rest.

    I so appreciate you all.  You have really come through and helped me to find a workable solution.  I am now hopeful that Amy can get work the song up in time for the children on Palm Sunday.  I’ll let you-all know how it goes.

    With appreciation,



    balfour-knight on #205279

    Thanks, Gretchen and Jackie!  This is indeed a wonderful group!

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