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    I thought that all the round backed harps were made with plywood, but when inquiring about a curly maple Troub, a harp dealer told me that the round body was solid curly maple that was steamed to make it curve.


    I happen to be in Paris just now and guess where I went today? Yep, Camac showroom! I asked the very same question of the representative and he indicated that all (as in all ) Camac harp soundboxes are made of beech wood and veneered most commonly with maple unless otherwise specified. When I wrote recently to L&H about an Ogden they told me the box is solid maple. I guess each harp designer/ builder has their own right way of wood working for the effects they want to produce. So many things to learn about production! As for me, still so new, I must take a leap of faith and choose what sounds good and works for my needs now.



    I’am a harpmaker since 35 years and


    thank you very much for sharing your expertise Mr Schmidt!

    Janice Hunter

    My Fisher Eireann has a round back which is made of laminated wood.

    I find that the sound is louder and more resonant than another Celtic harp I used to own that had a hardwood soundbox.

    Mr. Fisher says that the soundbox being made of laminated wood is why all his harps have the same sound qualities no matter what the rest of the harp is made of.

    My harp is Koa and projects wonderfully well.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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