Soft Prelude 38 case

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    lisa-kikol on #73616

    Any have a used

    barbara-brundage on #73617

    If you can’t get one from L&H anymore, the case for the Salvi Ana works fine.

    barbara-brundage on #73618

    Oops, meant to say the transport cover. I assume that’s what you’re looking for, right, Lisa?

    karen on #73619

    Here is the link where you can order a new one for a Prelude from Elegance covers…..they are amazingly well made and lined with a thick, sheep-skin fabric…very rugged exterior fabric.

    lisa-kikol on #73620

    Thanks Barbara — I figured one of the small L&H covers would work — even if its a pedal .

    lisa-kikol on #73621

    Thanks for suggestion.

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