So who else is doing the AHS Competition this year?

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    unknown-user on #167401

    Just curious. Im going to be 15 by the time to competition comes, so
    I’m competing in the Intermediate 1 level. Ive already learned and
    memorized all the Salzedo dances, Ive learned but need to memorize
    the Britten Interlude, and I am almost done learning Feerie by

    Any one whos planinng to compete (especially anyone doing
    intermediate 1) drop an email by me, im looking for some to chat
    with, so i could get an idea of where other people are with the

    Jennifer Ellis on #167402

    I’m also working on the AHS repertoire, but I’m learning the Intermediate II repertoire.

    unknown-user on #167403

    Well, I’ve been working on the rep since about October and it’s going great! At first I thought that I would never be able to get Feerie done in time, but now, as time goes on it’s looking more and more conceivable. During the week I’m usually really really busy, so I get most of my practicing done on weekends. I’m so excited I might be able to go to LA to compete, it looks like it will be

    susanna-campbell on #167404

    I am entering the competition in the Intermediate 1 level. All of the pieces are pretty much memorized, although there are a few shaky spots in the Tournier and the Rumba still. I am scheduled to record my audition tape on the 26th of this month. My daddy works with a guy who has a recording studio in his house. The only drawback is that it is upstairs, but we’ll make it. :-) I hope all goes well for ya’ll in the competition.

    Jennifer Ellis on #167405

    How are people going about recording their tapes/CD’s for the competition?

    unknown-user on #167406

    Doing my tape is going to be a complete pain in the caboose. I’m really technologically uninclined, and dont have loads of money to spen don a profesional. I’m just going to use a regular boom box to record. If it’s not good enough, then oh well, I can’t afford anything better.

    lionel-vargas on #167407

    That’s a bad idea to record yourself. My teacher has been going to these competitions for over 20 years. She knows what the judges are looking for and a bad recording is something they don’t like so try recording at a studio. Her daughter won first place last year and is a student at The Julliard School.
    So Jennifer Ellis how’s the Intermediate II Repetoire going along? I’ve learned it and had fun playing it. So what’d you think about Henriette Renie’s: Contemplation-Andante Religioso? I thought it was challenging at first especially those arpeggios that are played with 1 hand.
    -Lionel V.

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