Smokey the Harp!

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    Audrey Nickel on #164202

    I was at an all-day party/session on Saturday with my Ravenna (I usually play whistle at these gatherings, but I’m practicing learning how to accompany, and people do enjoy hearing the harp, so I bring it as well).

    Leigh Griffith on #164203

    Hi Audrey,

    Where was the case sitting? If it was sitting open where the smoke
    could get to it, then you put the harp in the case and left it closed
    up, the smokey case would have helped the harp to “marinate” in the
    smell. I think that regular airing of both harp and case will get rid
    of the smell pretty quickly, especailly if you weren’t that close to
    the source.

    Good luck,

    Kari Q on #164204

    Hi Audrey,

    We knew some people who had a piano that they wanted to give to us. They used one of those vanilla scented plug-in air freshners in their family room (the piano was in the livingroom away from it) and the whole house always smelled of vanilla.

    unknown-user on #164205

    Hi Audry

    I have worked in an antique shop and what we do with smoky, or, as someone mentioned with their piano; …

    Audrey Nickel on #164206

    Thanks all!

    Fortunately, the harp’s usually dwelling place is sitting up on its stand next to the piano (I normally only put it in its case to take it somewhere), so hopefully it will eventually air out.

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