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    diana-lincoln on #72405

    I’m hoping to get some ideas from all of you. I presently have a Prelude 38 which I really love. I also have a DustyFH26 which I also love. My problem is switching from one to the other.The difference in spacing and tension is the issue. I prefer the Prelude “touch” but need portability (with a few more strings?). I’m thinking about a Camac Korrigan or Telenn. Also looking at Salvi Aida or Nicoletta. At 53, I’m a relative beginner and looking forward to many more years with this wonderful instrument. Any ideas out there?

    Many thanks, Diana L.

    diana-lincoln on #72406

    I forgot to mention I enjoy both classical

    anita-burroughs-price on #72407

    Have you tried an Ogden? Same tension as prelude, smaller and easier to transport.

    nancy-cochran on #72408

    Or have you tried smaller style John Pratt concert strung portable harps with beautiful versatile sound to handle all lever harp repertoire, all styles of music.

    deb-l on #72409

    Salvi Aida is a student model and the soundboard is not as good in quality.

    deb-l on #72410

    forgot to mention Pilgrim Clarsach.

    deb-l on #72411

    also forgot to mention Carl Swanson makes a smaller lever harp with pedal tension too.

    sherry-lenox on #72412

    Thormahlens with concert gut are available I believe.

    Tacye on #72413

    I can’t think of any pedal tension 34 strings harp which is smaller and lighter than the Pilgrim (I am really glad I got the screw in legs for mine).

    diana-lincoln on #72414

    Thanks for all the ideas, you’ve all given me food for thought! The research continues for a little bit longer. I have looked back to previous forum posts which are also helpful.

    Deb L. are you still enjoying your Livia?

    Best to all!
    Diana L.

    deb-l on #72415

    hi Diana, thanks for asking.

    jessica-wolff on #72416

    LOL! I’ve been nudging you not to let go of the cello, but I never expected this outcome! Now I think I have to urge you not to let go of the harp!

    deb-l on #72417

    can’t have it all Jessica, only so much time in the day, and only so much energy for music, even putting it all into cello does not feel like enough.

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