Smallest harp with 2 octaves below middle C?

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    A. Riley on #70471

    So as the title of the post says — what’s the smallest lever harp with two octaves below middle C?

    I love that bass octave.

    patricia-jaeger on #70472

    If you type into your search engine the name Arsalaan Fay, you will get many

    Tacye on #70473

    Pilgrim’s harps come in at 18 lb and 43″ (+ optional screw in legs).

    william-weber on #70474

    Blevins makes the Avee 34, specified at 40″ high X 9″ wide, weighs 12 pounds. 34 strings, with a range of C6 up to a. (But if I were looking for a harp of that range I would prefer their Tamar 31 at 46″ high by 12″ wide for its bigger, fuller tone.)

    andy-b on #70475

    The Thormahlen Serenade and Cygnet models both are compact and have that range, and are really great harps. Also very light weight and easy to play.

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