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    katieoshaughnessy on #229165

    Hey guys! As my last car got totalled from a fallen tree, I’m in the market for a new car. I feel more comfortable driving a smaller vehicle so I’m looking for the smallest possible car that can fit a L/H CG85. I’ve read about some harpists fitting their harp into a Prius, can anyone tell me their experience with this? Does it need to be base loaded first? Or if anyone could recommend me some smallish harpmobiles it would be greatly appreciated! My budget is around 5-7k.

    balfour-knight on #229218


    Just read your post and I can definitely recommend the Subaru Forester. I know that at least as far back as 2015, the Forester has been large enough to accept a full-size concert grand. My harp requires about 75″ at the column plus the transport cover, and it will fit straight back behind the driver’s seat, leaving plenty of room for the bench, dolly and amplification equipment. My height is 5′ 6″ so I have the driver’s seat pretty close to the front. A taller person would need the seat further back and would not have that much room in the back.

    There used to be a video on YouTube about loading a concert grand in a Prius, so check it out. It looked like a lot of trouble to me, compared to loading it in a Forester. Hope this helps.

    Harp Hugs,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    tinacourtenay on #229227

    Hello Katie,
    I bought a Subaru Forester and I love it. it easily fits either my Gothic Erard or my Camac Schola. I haven’t tried both at the same time yet. The great thing is that loading the harp is so much easier when the car is higher. You can just tip and slide the harp in which is much easier on your back than a station wagon which is lower. The Forester is lovely to drive around, mine is a 2000 model.

    billooms on #229239

    I have an 85CG and it fits nicely in the back of my Subaru Outback. I’m a tall guy (6’1″) and I can adjust the driver’s seat to a comfortable position with no problem. I put the column at an angle from the back of the driver’s seat to the opposite corner and there is still some clearance to the back window and room for the harp trolley, music stand, etc.

    melissa-lurio on #230270

    I have a L & H 85E. This fits easily in the back of a 2017 Prius. This is the standard Prius: not the more-compact Prius C, and not the larger Prius V or Prime,(which would work even better). The 85 CG is two inches longer than the E, but I think it would work. I can fit a stand in the back, but I’ve never tried to put the bench in the back. I’m sure I needn’t point out that there is no room for a passenger in the back with the harp, only the driver and passenger in front. . . although we fit a passenger in back once, it’s not something I’d repeat.
    The flat, low hatch opening of the Prius is a big reason it works.

    Tacye on #230348

    Harps can go into surprisingly small cars – my quest for a small harpmobile ended with a B-max at 4.08 m long. But this works so well because of being a right hand drive so possibly not what you are looking for. I found this website with boot measurements really useful

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    balfour-knight on #230419

    Hello friends!

    Be sure to read all about new harpmobiles in the Sept/Oct current edition of Harp Column! They did a wonderful job reviewing some two dozen new cars. Thanks, Alison and Gabrielle, for all your hard work.

    Happy Harping!

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