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    Have been thinking about what possiblities there are for getting a relatively cheap lap harp which is close to historical correct, but still sounds well.
    Thinking it would be nice to bring along for medieval fairs when I already have the clothing to dress up in.
    Is busy mole harps an option?


    You might want to try posting this question on the Historical Harps message board:


    Thank you for the tip. Have requested for membership now to the goup

    Seoid OC

    Something like this one?

    Ardival specialize in medieval harps and although I haven’t played this one their bray harps and wire strung harps are very good.


    looks interesting. My biggest priority at the moment it a normal big harp. but would like a medieval one as a small second one


    Simon Capp is back in business and his medieval harps are fine, authentic and fairly cheap. I’m not so keen on his baroque triples – the sound is pretty dump and narrow, – but he deals fine with the earlier ones.

    My best recomendation is Rainer Thurau –
    He has couple of cheap models for beginners (Valaamse, Van Eyck), but the quality and sound are better than most of professional instruments of other makers have. I own “Viaggio” small triple harp by Thurau, we are buying the second triple (Zampieri) and planning to buy the Gothic harp from him soon.

    Some examples to show that Thurau is the best:
    The world foremost early harpist Andrew Lawrence-King recently changed to his Zampieri. Hannelore De Vaere has lots of his instruments. Arianna Savall as well. Also, there is a HUGE list of honored clients in, probably, all the countries, where the early music is any popular.

    And if you are just very short in money – buy the Harpsicle in natural finish or “Royal Blue” (actually, due to museum studies, – The Most Autentic color for medieval instruments, like other Heraldry colors, with no levers, order the natural gut historical harp strings from Bernd Kuerschner and study happily. The whole story will cost you ~500$, I recon.

    Zen Sojourner

    Here’s Simon Capp’s website:

    Just a warning, he’s got autoplay of some harp music – and I can’t find any way to turn it off.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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