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    HBrock25 on #156837

    Does anyone know which manufacturer has the fullest sounding student pedal harp?

    unknown-user on #156838

    I haven’t played many types of harps, but I do know from talking to other harpists that if you choose a reliable brand than the sound will be beautiful. I have a Lyon and Healy 85 Petite and I absolutely love it! The sound is very, very full. Lyon and Healy, Salvi, Camac, Pilgrim, Ayoyama, and Venus are supposed to be wonderful companies with pedal harps. I hope I didn’t forget a company! I’ve only played on a Lyon and Healy or a Savli Daphne, so I’d find someone with more experience to take advice from. But try finding the websites of harp manufacturers and listen to some sound samples. Most harps are of equal quality just different tone, so it may be a matter of preference. I love the sounds of all the different harps! Sorry I can’t help you more!

    — Natalie

    jessica-wolff on #156839

    Don’t know about “fullest,” but the cute little Pilgrim Progress pedal harp (just short of 5′ 00″) has a nice tone. Not just my opinion, but shared by two professionals I overheard.

    lisa-fenwick on #156840

    I like the Camac Clio with ex. soundboard..

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