Silver Spears harp anyone?

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    shonacelticharp on #252236

    Hello, I am based in the UK and have been researching my ideal harp. I have decided on a nylon 34 string harp with ply sound board. In theory , Silver Spears harps really fit the bill but there is pretty much 0 about them on the internet and very very few samples of them being played. I have spoken to John the harp maker and looking to meet him possibly in a few weeks time to try/view but I am a beginner and it would be nice to hear the harps ‘potential’ on a more experienced player too. Ordinarily he says he can arrange meeting with potential buyers and owners but the covid situation has put a spanner in the works there.
    Does anyone have an opinion, review, sound samples/video anything on these harps that they could share? I’m looking at the Camlad 34 in cherry. I am based in Scotland near Edinburgh.
    I love the Ravennas sound too but quite fancy supporting a small business British harp maker and the Camlads have a similar build/materials to them.

    Thanks for any thoughts

    Biagio on #252267

    John certainly seems to know what he is doing so I would be fairly confident just on the face of it, though you are wise to meet with him and discuss in more detail – and of course try it out yourself. The fact that he uses Camac levers is a plus as is the vacuum molded round back box. I prefer that box design for a harp such as the Camlan as it is light, very strong, and has excellent acoustics. It is what I use on my own harps for my own use.

    The Ravennas have a different approach which is described on Dusty Strings’ website. Those are good harps too of course.

    When you meet with John you might discuss hiring the harp for a while rather than purchasing it immediately. He offers what in the US it is called “rent to own” and that is a good way to go. His description is pretty standard in the industry.


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