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    Why are so many harps gilded in gold? Why aren’t there any silver toned harps? I know silver tarnishes, but there are other options, platinum, stainless steel, brushed nickel, white gold etc. I googled silver harp and all I could find was jewelry, an award and one made by the harpist Fiona Katie Roberts.

    Is there just no desire for silver? Am I the only one who craves a silver harp?


    Lyon & Healy did make a silver-looking 23 for the AHS conference in Denver in 1988. It was white gold (because silver tarnishes). All the metal–the action plates, the pedals, etc.–looked silver. May have been mirror polished steel; not sure. The wood was matte finish ebony with a natural color soundboard. It had a marvelous tone; I remember hearing Harvey Griffith play it in the exhibit hall. Only wrong note for me was the decal on the soundboard, the standard 23 design that has gold or coppery highlights. If only they’d done that bit in silver. But overall, it was gorgeous.

    I understand Camac has made their Oriane (usually gold) in white gold but I haven’t seen it. It may have been in Vancouver at the WHC. Anyone know?


    Salvi Harps, in their print catalog on pages 88 and 89, show their silver-colored Electro-acoustic pedal harp ECHO. With “platinum” finish, 47 strings, extended soundboard and beautiful styling, the 2008 price was $21,500. Other finish options


    There was a silver coloured Camac, an Atlantide I think, with silvered (or other white metal) mechanism plates at the WHC in Prague.


    Wally did a Venus “Criterion” special order in black and silver for a customer here in San Antonio – I saw it at a Christmas Ensemble performance a while back – it was quite striking in appearance – I think the action plates were actually done in chrome or maybe stainless steel – and it had some natural wood highlights and a natural soundboard with stripes – I bet he has some pictures of it – also, Greg Buchanan’s original dark blue electric Salzedo has some white gold trim on it although as I remember the action plates are brass –

    Carm Zephyr

    I did see a silver metallic harp at the Vancouver congress. I’ll have to go through my photos again but I’m sure it was a camac electro/acoustic pedal. Could be wrong about the electric part but it looked amazing! 🙂


    I wish pictures could be easily posted on here. I had problems finding images of most of these harps. Thanks to all of you that posted about the Unicorns that do exist! I’ll just keep my eye out and keep hoping that someone goes Silver on a regular pedal harp.

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