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    Julie Koenig

    I’ve been following “Project Runway” (thanks to Catherine Rogers, who got me hooked) and the latest episode featured divorcees. The challenge was for the designers transform their wedding gowns into new outfits.

    One of the clients had on a necklace with a large harp charm. She was paired up with Nicholas (although I’m rooting for Althea because she’s from my hometown of Dayton). She also asked her designer to use cruelty-free fabrics, no fur, etc.

    I watched the show late Thursday and it just now dawned on me it was Stephanie Bennett. Did anyone else catch this?

    Julie in Atlanta


    Yes! I immediately recognized Stephanie. Stephanie if you’re reading this, tell us about it!



    I believe there is a re-run on LifeTime tonight at 10 EDT



    How the heck are ya?

    OMG! I’m a fan of Project Runway also and I felt that I


    The first thing I noticed was a girl fingering a LARGE sparkly harp necklace, then I recognized Stephanie!

    Misty Harrison

    Haven’t watched the show but was wondering if there’s a clip on youtube that shows her wearing whatever the end result was?

    There were some clips from the show but not that.

    Kathleen Clark

    Stephanie has a page on her website about her appearance on Project Runway. So much fun!

    Stephanie has been busy! First American Idol and now Project Runway. Woo hoo!

    Stephanie Bennett

    Oh gosh you guys sorry for the LAAAAATE response, I did check the forums the day after PR aired to see if anyone was talking about it but I guess it took a couple days for folks to watch their Tivos or get to the Coffee break forum. Yup, that was me. You can still watch the ENTIRE EPISODE online if you’re so inclined on Lifetime’s own site: If that link doesn’t work for you, you go to, then on the left there’s a menu that includes FULL EPISODES, select that; then the current episode opens up but there’s a blue pull-down rectangle that says MORE EPISODE VIDEOS, then pull that down and select ‘season 6 episode 8’.


    I thought you looked smashing!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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