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    unknown-user on #168064

    I am looking for a inexpensive harp to learn on and see if I have
    interest in the harp. I am a 16 year old student with a yearning
    desire to make beautiful music. I do not know where to get a harp and
    everyone I talk to laughs at me. I live in Canada and I do not know of
    anybody in my area who has actually even seen a real harp. I am
    desperate to learn this instrument. If you can help me please answer
    right away.

    susan-bennett-brady on #168065

    It’s always best to find a teacher before buying a harp. There are lots of kinds of harps out there and you will need someone to advise you to select one. Call your local music stores, colleges or universities, professional and regional orchestras or other musical organizations to locate a harp teacher. I don’t know where you are in Canada, but you may have to drive to a major city to find your first harp contact, then work from there. Good Luck!

    unknown-user on #168066

    I don’t have much advice to give you . . . the person who replied before me answered you pretty well. I just wanted to let you know that I had a lot of the same problems when I started out playing – none of the local music stores carried any harp stuff, no one knew any teachers and no one knew where I could find a harp! It was fairly embarassing: “Hi, I was just wondering if you sold harps?” “*laughs* NO.”

    unknown-user on #168067

    Hi-I used to live in Brandon MB, and I know that there was a harp/piano
    teacher at the Brandon University.

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