Siciliene Gabriel Faure

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    mr-s on #150831

    Hello Freinds, i am practicing this piece with a flutist, but i have only the piano and flute score, i am inquiring if there is a harp and flute edition, because the piano part is a little confused with pedal changings etc………………. i do play the piano score on the harp ,but would

    barbara-brundage on #150832

    There is a flute and harp arrangement by Dewey Owens, but in the interests of simplicity (I assume) he took away all the nice parts of the accompaniment and gave them to the flute, so it’s not nearly as effective as playing the original piano/flute version. It is easier, though.

    mr-s on #150833

    thank you Barbara, so you advice to play the piano score?

    barbara-brundage on #150834

    Well, I think it has better audience appeal, but an awful lot of harpists do use the Dewey Owens version.

    mr-s on #150835

    i have a record of it by Marielle Nordman and rampal , but really dont know wich edition she played…..

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150836

    Dewey’s version is based, I think, on Faure’s own reduction. He has so many extra voices that, though I will play them, most harpists won’t. It’s a gorgeous piece, though, and the more you can fit in, the better. Music is not supposed to be convenient for us.

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