Sibelius – files open, but the fonts are corrupted

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146356

    Has anyone experienced this? I can open my Sibelius files on one computer and they look fine, but on the newer one, the fonts have been corrupted and they look like a scribble. Up to now, they have always looked fine on both computers. The other strange thing is that I cannot drag the page up any more on the newer computer. They are both Macs.

    sherry-lenox on #146357

    Take a look at the Sibelius website. There have been problems with Sibelius being run on Macs, especially after some OS updates. I think remedies are available online.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146358

    Wow. I have spent more than an hour trying to get to a tech support person, but their “help line” never gives you a person at the other end. I bought the newest version of Sibelius online, and it won’t open to install. I am supposed to be e-mailed an “avid support code” but it is not showing up in my email. I am at my wit’s end!

    lisa-davis on #146359

    I had this problem once when I accidentally deleted some of the fonts while trying to clear up memory space…. I was able to solve the problem by uninstalling and re-installing the whole entire program.

    it can also happen if you have an older version of Sibelius running on a newer Mac iOS. You may have to update to a newer version of Sibeluis. My Mac had a lot of issues with my sib 3 — I’ve since upgraded to Sib 6 and have had no big issues beyond my own human incompetency.

    good luck —

    lisa-davis on #146360

    sorry — just realized you said you ARE trying to update to the newest version.

    I would keep trying to get a real person on the other end of the line. I don’t know if service procedures have changed, but I was able to get a wonderfully helpful tech on their help line last summer.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146361

    Success! Here is what happened, as a warning to anyone who types fast, as I tend to do:
    I mis-typed my email address while ordering Sibelius 7, and that basically opened the gates of hell. I spent many frustrating hours trying to connect with their support staff. I finally got one person on the phone who told me that he had re-set my email and password, but it turned out that he had not. When I got another guy by email (after much searching for an email address), he told me that it was still under the wrong email address and I just had to type that in with my password, and I would get in and be able to retrieve my file and registration info. So I did. I could not re-set my email, though, since they said it was already in use!! So I changed it to another email address that they didn’t know about yet, and it’s all good. I was about ready to ask for my money back and switch to Finale. I love the SIbelius program, but if you need to talk to someone in tech support, they make it impossible to find such a person unless you’re Sherlock Holmes.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146362

    There is more on this subject on Coffee Break. Saul had started a thread there at the same time.

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