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    Good Morning everyone,

    I’m going back to California to see my family in a couple weeks. I have an appointment booked at Salvi already and just found out I’ll have some extra time to spare. Does anyone know of other showrooms or places in/around LA to maybe checkout. I’ll be staying north of LA about an hour (in Santa Clarita). I thought Silvia Woods was out there but I know she was moving to Hawaii so maybe not anymore. Anywhere else you would recommend? I know they’re pretty far and few between so I haven’t really been able to find much online.


    Jerusha Amado

    Is Harps Etc. in Walnut Creek CA nearby where you’ll be staying?


    Jerusha. If you have any knowledge of California, Harps Etc. and Walnut Creek are not “nearby” Santa Clarita. It is a good five hour drive North at best from her location. California is a big State.


    You may want to try Harp in LA They are in Los Angeles and are the L&H dealer for that area of CA.


    Brook, someone from Harp in LA actually emailed me yesterday after I posted this. I was super excited to hear from them because I think I had heard of them before but completely forgot sooo hopefully I’ll be able to make it down there!

    Jerusha, even after living in CA almost my whole life, I had no idea where Walnut Creek was until I just googled it lol. It is quite far north of where I am though :/ thanks so much for the suggestion! I will have to check it out if I’m ever up there!

    Jerusha Amado

    Thank you, Tracey, for the gracious response. And no Robert, I don’t have much knowledge of California. This is why I asked Tracey if the two towns were near one another. You may want to read her approach to a fellow poster’s kind attempt to be helpful. It is infinitely more appropriate for a public forum.


    Harp in LA is a great suggestion. (If you have enough time, Harps Etc might be well worth the lengthy trip. It’s pretty awesome). My boyfriend, a bassist, dropped into the Salvi showroom at my request to ask them a couple of very specific questions (he lived in the area at the time). They were incredibly gracious and also played for him, so he could hear the instruments I was asking about. Have a fun trip — it sounds like you’re in for a treat!!!


    You might also try Carolyn Sykes with Pacifc Harps, at She is in LA too. while I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her, I had some very helpful and supportive email conversations with her while I was exploring, and liked her very much. I was looking primarily at used harps, but she may carry new harps too… worth a query.


    Thanks for being so helpful, I’ll definitely look into all of your suggestions!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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