Short Orchestra Rehearsals?

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    Suzie Q on #150622

    I currently play in youth orchestra. Last season, I had a part in 3 of 5 pieces. This time, I only play in 2 of 4 (got a new piece just yesterday, so it used to be 1 of 3). The other two pieces which I don’t play are a full symphony and another longer piece by Brahms. Usually, I don’t spend very much time at rehearsal, seeing as the other pieces take

    alice-freeman on #150623


    Suzie Q on #150624

    Yes, I hate coming in and having to move my harp onstage when its not a break, since its so rude (and plus I need someone to help me with it), so usually, I’ll come either at the beginning of rehearsal and spend my time offstage reading, or I’ll come during a break. It may not be more convenient though.

    Its especially frustrating when they’re running behind schedule and the piece I’m playing in is tacked on for 10 minutes at the end. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has only been to rehearsals for 20 minutes though.

    catherine-rogers on #150625

    I have been to at least one rehearsal where it was decided (after I had set up and tuned and sat through the rehearsal waiting) that they would not rehearse the one piece I was playing on after all. Talk about a waste of time and gas! I don’t remember now whether it was college orchestra or community orchestra, but it was a group for which I did not get paid, so there was not even that compensation for my inconvenience.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #150626

    Do you play any other orchestra instrument? Some of my students used to do double-duty in different sections in their youth orchestras. Sometimes there’s an extra part in the percussion section that requires more players than they have. Can you get lessons on triangle, maracas or woodblock so that you can have more time playing in the group?

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