Shipping or Flying with a 27 String Harp

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    Gerrard Els on #253728

    Hi everyone.

    I would like to ask advice to whom has knowledge about this.
    I own a 27 string harp and relocating 13000km away from home for 1-2 years and would like to stay in practice

    I would like to take this 27 string harp with me, to the new country, but its too large to fit in the overhand compartments, it stands at 97cm tall, 58cm wide. How can one fly with this instrument without getting shipped off with luggage as I don’t have a hard-case for it?
    I don’t mind paying a little extra for it, also flying with Emirates airlines.

    Th other option is to ship it to the new country once I’m there, but it can be difficult with lockdown and the work pays for the flight etc?
    Thanks for your advice 🙂

    Alison on #253757

    Why not put it in a really large suitcase with a lot of your clothes. I would say a large Delsey, but not sure that a hard suitcase is a good idea. You could travel with it or ship it the day before you depart.

    Biagio on #253761

    A large suitcase or trunk is probably the best idea if you do not want to buy (or build) a hard case. Or check with the airline and see if they will allow you to buy a seat for it and what restrictions would apply.

    One thing to be aware of: whatever you do if it is in a case of some sort it will be inspected before departure and after arrival. Arrange to be there personally when it is: most agents don’t know anything about harps. I heard of one horror show where the agent thought the levers might be triggers to an explosive device and broke several of them. Honest.

    Gerrard Els on #253776

    Hello Alison, do you know how does it work if I ship it the day before I depart? The airline (Emirates) only mentions to take it with my luggage in a hard case or book a second flightseat? Thanks

    Gerrard Els on #253777

    Hello Biagio, thanks for your advice, alright I will see what can be done. We thought of packing it in a carton box with bubble wrap, but it can be damaged. And the harps value is nearly the same as a round trip flight with an extra seat booked.

    Alison on #253838

    What I meant is let an independent shipping courier take the consignment and if they collect it just a day or so before you depart you will beat it to your destination.

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