Shipping a Pedal Harp

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    tess on #196336

    Hi everyone,

    I’m planning on purchasing a small, second-hand pedal harp (a Pilgrim Progress, 59.5″ and 50 lbs.), but I’ll need to have it shipped all the way across the US (West Coast to East Coast).

    Does anyone have experience with or tips for shipping pedal harps? Freight companies to recommend? Packing methods?


    Tacye on #196348

    I suggest you look at the people who move fine furniture around. A good way to find these is to look at who the midrange auction houses near to the harp’s current location recommend.  Piano movers could probably do this without trouble too .

    For packing, I received, and sent, a pedal harp in a big cardboard box.

    balfour-knight on #196364

    Good answer, Tacye, and I also wondered if Tess could ask around to see if anyone would be traveling that route who could bring her the harp.  I do not know much about doing this over the Internet, but maybe someone will know how to go about it.  Older folks going cross-country in an RV, celebrating their retirement, might be a good place to start, especially since this particular harp could obviously fit into a small space.  Hopefully other readers will come up with some good ideas.

    Best wishes,


    eaglelady11 on #196460

    Call Kolacny music in Denver and ask how much it would cost,. They use the same company as Lyon and Healy and you could pay him and he would take care of the detail.

    Alyson Webber on #196472

    Depending on your timing (since this post is over a week old already), I would watch the weather. Some harp companies don’t ship during too hot or too cold weather to keep the harp safe.

    Dorian Llywelyn on #196496

    My recommendation would be to call whoever is the nearest harp dealer to you on the West Coast and ask for their help.

    I shipped a Pilgrim Progress from Southern California to Northern California – got a Lyon Healy carton via and then had Sylvia Woods company sort out the final packing and freighting for me.  Last year, Carolyn Sykes in Pasadena shipped a concert grand for me over to Europe in a Camac cardboard box – she handled all the paperwork wonderfully. . The harp arrived in perfect state in the box which had been fixed to a wooden pallet. Recently, I had Pilgrim Harps ship that concert grand back to me in the States. Again, they used a very soundly put-together cardboard Salvi box.  In all cases the harps arrived with no damage whatsoever.     And if that Pilgrim Progress has a ding on the column, and a carved scroll on the top of the column, I can give you details of its early history, since I got it new and owned it for 20 years!

    tess on #196522

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I may have found a small company to ship it from

    Dorian, I suspect it is that same harp! I would love to hear more about it.

    balfour-knight on #196612

    Wow, it is such a small world!  How neat that it may be the SAME harp!

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