Sheet music says “gentle wash”?

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    miarae12 on #222800

    Can anyone please tell me how this is meant to be played? It looks like a series of soft glisses…

    miarae12 on #222801

    See attachment

    miarae12 on #222802

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    talfryn on #222813

    Hello Miarae,
    Looks like a translation error. I wonder if it’s a play on the expression “lacrimoso”, “sad” I have seen this a few times on manuscripts.If it’s a translation of “lacrimoso delicato” from Italian in English this would be literally “Gentle tears”. So my guess would be express the music as “sad and delicate”
    Take this with a “pinch of salt” as a folk harpist I am not the best with written music, but it’s a suggestion.

    crescalona on #223178

    I can write for you any sheet music
    Request to

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #223986

    Wash of sound, ie. softly played glissandi.

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