sheet music for Yiruma’s ‘River Flows in You’

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    Anne Belliveau on #156261

    Does anyone know a source for harp sheet music for Yiruma’s beautiful lullaby called ‘River Flows in You’?

    barbara-brundage on #156262 has several versions. They’re for piano, but work just fine on harp.

    Anne Belliveau on #156263

    thanks so much!

    barbara-brundage on #156264

    Oh, I should have mentioned that if you play lever harp, there’s one version that works better than the longest versions. They have a three page version that’s still pretty close to the original but has no key change. (You can just play a single 16th note G for the repeated 32nd notes in the passage on the second page, if that’s hard for you.)

    daniele-di on #156265


    I`m sorry but I can`t find this sheet.
    I have a lever harp (Dusty String Ravenna 26 string) and I`m searching a sheet for this song, but I can only find hard piano versions.

    Thank you


    Folk Harpie on #156266

    I got mine from, they have many different versions. You should easily find what you’re looking for.

    daniele-di on #156267

    I received 4 different versions, but

    barbara-brundage on #156268

    Just updating this for future reference: I see Sylvia Woods now has a harp arrangement available:

    niina on #156269

    Hi Anne
    I had a go at it a year ago and just used the piano music score, it seems to work well, although my skill isn’t (or wasn’t) good enough to get the trills right.


    priscilla-kleiner on #156270

    Echoing Barbara’s comment, my Sylvia Woods arrangement is on its way here. She just announced its availability and I ordered it right away.

    priscilla-kleiner on #156271


    This is so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing. Your playing is beautiful.


    niina on #156272

    Very kind Priscilla, thank you.
    My skill wasn’t quite up to it when I played it last year, but I am getting faster now.


    Christian Frederick on #156273

    I just checked out It sound like something that really is illegal, and is doing business in “the grey zone”. I would NOT recommend anyone using this service.

    Raye Wilson on #156274

    What is the level of difficulty – – would you recommend it for an intermediate player?

    barbara-brundage on #156275

    If you look at the bottom of the page she has a preview of the first couple of lines. Those are pretty representative of the difficulty. It’s basically pretty much the same as the three-page version sold by musicnotes, and you can see a whole page as a preview there. Both omit the key change and what I guess you might call the bridge section that’s in the complete piece.

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